Jihlava – Bohemians 0: 2, the home stays close to the league bottom

Michael Biel’s confidants did not get their first prize in the high season. On the other hand, the Praguers scored in the fourth of the last five duels and jumped to the fifth place in an incomplete table. The Vysočina failed to defeat “Klokany” on the seventh attempt and in the third league match under coach Bílka lost the first time.

“Bohemia played us everywhere. It is a great disappointment for me as we played today. I believed we were going to tie the previous two draws, but it did not work. I am the third match and the previous two have been a diametrically different performance, “Bílek told the press conference.

” We played good football and earned it.I was internet betting never a coach in Jihlava, but today I did it for the first time, “Bohemians coach Miroslav Koubek added.

The first interesting option was made by Jihlava, but Rabušic was inaccurate at the 12th minute. A moment later, Zoubele slipped past the left stick in the penalty area. In the 25th minute, Budinsky’s goalkeepers had to show for the first time, but they were also threatened by Bohemians, but Holend’s last attempt blocked Rosa and Jirásek’s long shot defeated Hanuš. In the first half setting, Ros’s header from the corner pulled the Budinský over the bar.

“Very poor performance. The opponent was better at the beginning.Even though the players have warned that Bohemka is in the middle of young jerky players, we did not go into the body, “Bílek said.

The visitors opened their score 56 minutes into the match. Luts found in front of Holendu and the experienced striker easily scored the first goal after coming to the Pilsen host. Holenda was in the league for the first time since November last year and after 14 games.

Luts could soon increase, but Hanuš himself went up a bit above the gate. Jihlava failed to online bookmaker escape the pressure of the Bohemians. A very active Mašek hit the side net and Hanuš pushed Havel’s shot. But the Jihlava goalkeeper was already powerless in the 76th minute when it was close to burned by Mašek after Lutse’s assistance and a home defeat.In the fifth league match for “Klokany”, Mašek recorded the third hit and celebrated the first prize in the 21st.

“We played Jihlava with our combined football. We wanted to play offensive, aggressive. We managed to catch the rivals’ rivals. We had a lot of chances and we could add more goals, “Koubka said.

The conclusion was that the Vrsovice team was watching and did not allow Jihlava to win the game. “Today we have not created a single chance, our opponent has played at least a class and we will not excuse that we missed some injured player. After the break, we’re going to Sparta.We can not do anything, we will try to show a different performance than today, “said Bílek.