Radivojevič will lead Liberec with the title: The wife and the children must leave the house

French players in the opening match of the European Championship with Romania have decided to win their 2-1 win in the 89th minute, on Wednesday’s dramatic duel of Group A with Albania (2: 0) even later. The host of the championship who first Energybet took part in the eight-finals are considered to be specialists at the end.

“In the first half it was refined, but then we made a lot of effort, “

The most important thing is that we have a French coach, Didier Deschamps. six points, we were expecting a little bit of this scenario, showing maturity and patience to the end.We have put the heart in it, “added the captain and the goalman Hugo Lloris.

The Albanian Energybet goal in Marseilles for the Frenchman was long curtailed.At the last minute, the opponent of the outsider Antoine Griezmann broke his head But in the sixth minute he added the Dimitri Payet insurance.

“They were well organized, they defended well. As in the previous match, we had to win the win in the last few moments. That’s our strength now and we have to go on with it, “said André-Pierre Gignac, alternating striker.

According to Payet, Les Bleus has long Energybet online betting free bet been able to make decisions in the final minutes. “It’s nothing new.Since the March match with the Netherlands we have shown that we can win the matches until the end. We just have to be patient, “said West Ham midfielder, who made his initial winning goal against Romania.

Payeta praised Deschamps. ” He is more stable, always has something to offer and has great self-confidence. Now even more is fighting in one-on-one situations. Perhaps it took him a while to fully show what he was in, “ was rated by the French coach. ” I’ve already said I will keep him freezing to maintain performance at this level, “he added. in despair of Deschamps.

Before the game, he surprised the opening Energybet eleven when only the star duo Pogba, Griezmann, was left among the substitutes.Juventus Toronto after the change of home game revived, the Atlétic striker was eventually the main hero. “It was a tactical decision for Pogby when we saw the team of Albania and we needed two defensive midfielders, Paul has other attributes, “explained Deschamps. “I know Griezmann is a very good joker, he has been playing for half an hour, and he has been a difference player, even though I understand he would start with Pogba from the beginning,” added a former captain.